Development of the Accounting Policy of an Enterprise

Our accounting specialists develop accounting policies to enterprises, help to develop convenient and easy to use plans of accounts. Appropriate performance of all accounting records by your accountant, his/her ability to draw up correct financial statements in compliance with the requirements of law acts depends on appropriate development of the accounting policy of your enterprise.


Fixing and Updating of Neglected Bookkeeping

If you suspect, that your accountant kept your accounting negligently or your business accounting was not kept at all for a certain period of time – please apply to the financiers of our enterprise and the examination of your accounting records will be performed or your neglected accounting will be rearranged anew in the shortest time.


Lease of a Chief accountant

You cannot give vacation to your chief accountant, whereas accounting is subject to continuous and intensive keeping, maybe your accountant needs for advices and help of an experienced financier keeping accounts or maybe the enterprise which gave you temporary accounting services terminated the accounting service agreement unexpectedly? We are ready to help you by offering temporary services of accounting, our knowledge and experience and the your enterprise’s financial situation will be stabile.


Control of a Chief accountant

You do not trust your chief accountant? You suspect that your company’s accounting records are kept disorderly? Please, contact us and we will check whether your suspicions are correct. Your bookkeeping may be fixed and updated by our specialists for such period, which you deem being necessary.


Keeping of Confidentiality of Employees’ Salaries

Do you strive to keep confidentiality of salaries received by your employees? We offer you to assign calculation of salaries to us and we will: calculate salaries, payable personal income tax and social insurance contributions; develop reports in relation with salaries; observe the up to date legislation regulating payment of personal income tax and social insurance contributions and changes thereof.