Registration as VAT payers is arranged within 10 working days. We provide information regarding mandatory registration as VAT payers and advise on the issues to be carefully considered before making a decision on the voluntary registration as VAT payers.

Our services:

  • consulting on the issues related to the registration as VAT payers during the whole time of the procedure.
  • preparation of the documents required for the registration as VAT payers.
  • representation of the clients in the State Tax Inspectorate.

Persons intending to register as VAT payers should submit the following:

  • the registration certificate of the company;
  • data on the domicile, locations of economic activities and divisions (addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, website addresses);
  • data on the activities being performed and/or planned activities (in accordance with the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (EVRK));
  • data on the method of establishment / acquisition of the company;
  • data on the persons controlling the company as well as data on other legal entities controlled by such persons;
  • data on the real estate or other long-term assets controlled by the company which is (will be) used in the economic activities of the future VAT payer (the name of the property and the basis of its use).