Doing business in Lithuania

Registration of a company in Lithuania. Five steps:

  • loging of an application for reservation of the UAB name;
  • preparation of the incorporation documents;
  • opening of an accumulative bank account;
  • submission of documents for certification by notary public;
  • registration of the UAB with the Company Register Office.


The following data is necessary to start:

  • the data on the founders (shareholders) (name, surname, personal code, address of the place of residence declared);
  • if the founders are legal entities – the name, code, address of the domicile of the company, name, surname, personal code and address of the place of residence of the manager representing the company, bylaws, registration certificate of the company;
  • the data on the manager of UAB (name, surname, personal code and address of the place of residence);
  • the name of UAB;
  • the address of the domicile of UAB. One of the following types of consent of the owner to provide the premises for the domicile of UAB is required:
    • if the owner is an individual entity – a consent verified by a notary;
    • if the owner is a legal entity – a consent signed by the manager and sealed;
    • if the premises are pledged – a consent of the bank to which the premises are pledged;
    • if UAB is to be registered in the premises which are beneficially owned by one of the founders, presentation of a personal document is sufficient for notarial verification of the establishment documents;
  • information regarding the shareholding structure;
  • information regarding specific economical and commercial activities to be conducted by UAB;
  • information regarding the envisaged management organs of UAB (single-person, i.e. the manager and / or collegial, i.e. the board);
  • the amount of the authorised capital of UAB (at least 10 000 LTL (2 897 EUR));
  • the nominal value of the shares.

If the founder is a foreign legal entity:

  • original extract about the founder from the Commercial Register of the country where the founder is registered is necessary;
  • documents submitted must be notarized and apostilled.

The incorporator(s) of UAB must:

  • open an accrual account in the bank chosen;
  • arrive at the notary’s office to sign the establishment documents of UAB.

The aforesaid actions may be performed on the ground of power of attorney which must be notarized and apostilled.


We will fulfill all incorporation process quick and easy. Our services:

  • full incorporation process: establishment and registration of a new enterprise in Lithuania:
    • preparation of establishment documents of enterprise,
    • representation before notary;
    • representation befor the Centre of Registers;
    • representation at the bank;
    • preparation of employment contracts and other necessary documents.
  • we consult you which legal form of the enterprise is the most suitable for you business in Lithuania;
  • we provide you with registration address of enterprise;
  • after incorporation we register a company as a tax payer;
  • after incorporation we register an enterprise as a VAT payer;
  • other services.


For development of your business we provide this services:

  • professional accounting;
  • consulting on the issues of the system of taxes of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Application of labour law: drawing up of internal documents, contracts, internal work procedures, job descriptions and other internal documents of an enterprise, work with personnel files;
  • Law on enterprises: rearrangement of enterprises, reorganisation of enterprises, increase and reduction of an authorised capital, consulting on the issues of restructuring of enterprises or bankruptcy, arrangement of the meetings of shareholders and representation.